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IGN: Reese_14
3 months ago

Skyblock Spawn

✨ Skyblock has finally been revamped! ✨
This season of Skyblock has a lot of new and amazing features!
(It's the most custom server we currently have 🤩)


First off, one of the biggest things this season is that you can win IRL MONEY for playing! 💸
Here's how this will work:
▪ Top Island: $10 to each member
▪ Top Balance: 1st: $20 | 2nd: $15 | 3rd: $10
▪ Top Rated Island: $10 to each member



When you join Skyblock for the first time, you can do /start to get started!
This will prompt you to type in a name that you want your island to be called.
❗️ There cannot be any spaces, and must follow all rules. ❗️
After that, you will see a GUI where you can choose between 6 custom starting islands!
Custom Islands: Islands Showcase
Choose an island, and bam! Climb the rankings and become the best! 😄

If you want to know some of the core features of Skyblock at anytime, you can type /help to see a GUI of important features.



Although there are many, many new features, one of the biggest this season is 🔮 Custom Enchants 🔮
You can obtain these from cratesrank kits, and Envoys.
There are 34 enchants in total. To view these, do /enchants and it will open a GUI.
Along with the custom enchants, there are items associated with them:
Black Scroll
Transmog Scroll
GodlyTransmog Scroll
Item NameTag
To know what each of these do, you can go to /warp crates, left-click on the crates, and look for these items.

There is also a GUI that essentially acts as a virtual anvil for custom enchant books! 
It is accessible by doing /alchemist, or through the /help GUI.
The Alchemist works by putting two books of the same type and level into the slots.
You will then receive the same enchant, but the next-highest level.
Example: Alchemist Example

Another huge addition is 🎁 Envoys 🎁
Envoys are supply drops that will spawn randomly throughout /warp pvp every 30 minutes.
Each chest, or 'supply drop', will automatically put 1-3 items in your inventory when you go to open them.
There are 3 tiers of supply drops, and each tier has a different chance of spawning.
Tier 1 has the highest, and Tier 3 has the lowest.

Supply drops can have anything such as gearmoney and mobcoinstags, and even spawners!
They are at /warp pvp, though, so be careful of players... and the BOSS! 😉

The next big feature would be 🚩 Outposts 🚩
Outposts are areas at /warp pvp that can be controlled by a team.
To take control of an Outpost, you stand in the area and wait until your team has 100% control.
(You will see the areas, and the hologram showing the control percent)
When your team takes control of an Outpost, your team will receive that Outpost's boost.
There are 4 Outposts:
Money Boost - Your team can sell items for x2 the normal price
Spawn Rate - The spawners on your team's island will spawn 1 to 3 times the normal amount
Mob Drops - Mobs will drop 1 to 3 times the normal amount of loot
XP Boost - Mobs drop more XP than usual

To see a GUI of the Outposts and who is currently in control, do /outposts.



💀 BOSS Event 💀
The BOSS will spawn at /warp pvp every 2 hours.
The top 3 people who dealt the most damage on the boss will receive a BOSSBOX.
BOSSBOX has similar rewards to a Vote and Epic Crate.
It works similar to crates, but does not require a key.

💰 Hidden Treasure 💰
There are Hidden Treasure bags all around the spawn island.
Each bag will give you $5,000, and the last bag you find will give you $50,000! 😱
(As of now there are 50, but may be more later!)

🍉 Harvester Hoe 🍉
This special hoe allows you to automatically collect and replant crops!
When you break a crop, the items get put into your inventory, and the crop gets replanted.
You will see a message on your actionbar of how many crops you collected, and the XP you collected.

Harvester Hoes can level up the more you use them.
The higher the level, the higher boost they have.
Each level gets a 0.1 boost.
You can buy this hoe through the /shop menu in the tools category.

🔅 MobCoins 🔅
You can obtain MobCoins by killing mobs.
You can then use the MobCoins to purchase items on /mc!❗️
Some mobs have a higher chances of dropping coins than others.
Iron golems, for example, have a 7% of dropping coins, while pigs have a 3% chance.
Using the Coins enchantment will also greatly raise the chance of getting a MobCoin.

There are *tons* of other new features, but you will have to hop on the server and see them for yourself!
This season of Skyblock is truly the best server we have!

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have fun! 🤪

Server IP:

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