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IGN: Reese_14
about 1 month ago

💫 There are some changes and new features in Survival! 💫
This post will go over both of them!



The Casino feature is honestly huge!
There are 11 different games you can play. 😲
7 are singleplayer:
Roulette 🌀
Darts 🎯
Drums 🥁
Races 🏇
Pyramid 🔺
Stairs ⏫
Lottery 🎫
3 are multiplayer:
Crash ✈️
Classic 🔮
BlackJack ♠️
(The Casino GUI has a description for each game and its prizes)

To play at the Casino, you can go to /warp Casino and click one of the end portal frames.
When you open the Casino GUI, you will see the games and Chip amounts.
Chips are what is used for the games.
You can buy them within the main Casino GUI, or the Chips Buyer NPC.
The Casino GUI offers 5001,000, and 10,000 Chips.
The Chips Buyer NPC is where you can sell your Chips for money, or buy a more specific amount of chips.
1 Chip = 1 dollar. 💰



There have been a few changes to existing features. ⚙️
There are also some other new, smaller things, as well!
Below is the list of changes and additions.

There is now an End Farm! Do /warp EndFarm to visit it. 🔚
Along with the farm, you can do /warp End, and be directed to the gateway portal.
Chest Sort is back! You can Middle-Click while in a container to sort the items in it.
The prize ranges for Money Pouches have been lowered to fit the economy better.

Be on the lookout for new features! I plan to implement new things every week or two! 👀

We are always open to suggestions for new features, or changes to features we already have!
If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have fun! 🤪

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