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IGN: Reese_14
about 1 month ago

Survival Spawn

✨ Survival is now open and fully revamped! ✨
Everything from ranks, crates, and land claiming is brand new!
(There are a ton of new features as well!)


First of all, you can now win IRL MONEY just for playing on the server! 💸
Here are the details:
▪ Top Land: $10 to each member
▪ Top Balance: 1st: $20 | 2nd: $15 | 3rd: $10
▪ Top MCMMO: 1st: $15 | 2nd: $10 | 3rd: $5
(You can only win one type.)



When you join Survival, it's pretty simple to get started.
You can do /rtp to randomly teleport into the wild, then you just play Minecraft! 😄
Doing /rtp will tp you anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 blocks away.

After that, you can create a Land by doing /l create (name).
❗️ There cannot be any spaces, and must follow all rules. ❗️
To see a GUI regarding the Lands features, type /lands (/l).

If you want to know more main features of Survival at anytime, you can type /help to open a GUI.



The biggest new feature, because it's literally main function of the server, is 💢 Lands 💢
Lands is the new land-claiming plugin, that does much more than that!
(You can see the above section on how to get started with Lands.)

You still can claim land by in-game chunks (use F3 + G to view these), or with the claim tool!
To get the tool, you do /l selection.
Using the tool, Left-Click and Right-Click two blocks to select a rectangle area.
After selecting an area, particles will appear showing the area.
You can then either /claim/unclaim, or /assign the selected land.

With Lands, you can now create sub-areas within your Land to either sell, rent, or have different permissions/flags! 😍
To create an area you first have to go to the 'Areas' tab in the /l menu.
After creating a new area, you can /assign land to be labeled as that area.
To sell or rent the labeled area, place a sign (can be anywhere) and put 'Lands' on the top line.

There are some other useful commands to know: 📝
/view - Shows Lands using particles
/view stay - Keeps the particles at the y-level you did the command at
/map - Shows any Lands that are near your position (based off chunks)
/trust (player) [area] - Adds a player to the Land, and can add them to an area

Another huge feature is 💰 Player Shops 💰
Everything about player shops and how they work has changed!

To start, the player shop area is different.
The player shop plots are now at spawn, and are rentable plots.
To rent the plots, you Right-Click on the sign that is at the front of the plot.
Each click adds 24 hours to your time remaining, and you can only have 168 hours (7 days) bought at a time.
You can add more time at anytime, but it costs $5,000 for each 24 hours.
❗️ Watch your time, though, because when it runs out the plot is cleared. ❗️

The other new aspect of player shops are the shops themselves.
You no longer sell items using a sign and a chest.
We now have 'Player Shops' that you can buy from the /customshop!
They cost $250,000 each, and are also obtainable through the crates.
You can only place 5 shops, but each rank can place more shops. 

Once placed, you will see a message in chat telling you what to do next. 💬
After placing it, you can click on it to open the 'Shop Edit Menu'.
This GUI contains the following:
Balance Management - Add or remove money from the shop
Stock Management - Add or remove items from the shop's stock
Limits Management - Set the buy and sell limit of the shop
Shop Item Management - Change the item and its stack size
Prices Management - Change the buy and sell prices
Assistants Management - Add, remove, or view the assistants of the shop
Destroy Shop - Removes the shop, placing it back in your inventory

As a customer, when you click on a player's shop, it opens a GUI. 😮
You can buy or sell the shop's item, and you can change the buy/sell amount.

A new feature that will change the economy is ✨ Sell Wands ✨
You can get really expensive Sell Wands from crates, or from /customshop.

Sell Wands can be used on containers like chestsbarrelshoppers, and shulker boxes.
Each have a limited amount of uses, a sell multiplier, and can be used to 'inspect' a container.
You can Left-Click to inspect a container, which tells you the money you'd make using the Sell Wand on the container.
You can Right-Click to use the Sell Wand and sell the items in a container. 🤑

With Sell Wands, there are also Chargers.
These allow you to add more uses to a Sell Wand.
You can win the Chargers from crates, or buying them in the /customshop.
To use them, you hold it in your hand and Right-Click.

Although they were in last season, there are new 📜 Quests 📜
Not only are there new ones, but the GUI and everything has been really improved!

All available quests are automatically started, so now you can work on multiple at a time!
To view the quests, you can do /quests (/q).
The quests get harder as you progress through the categories.
The last quest of each category is also repeatable!
You can even earn money from earning money! 🤩

Each quest has a different reward or amount, and each category give different rewards.
The quests can always be changed, and if possible, new ones can always be added!
Just let us know on the discord!



🍉 Harvester Hoe 🍉
This special hoe allows you to automatically collect and replant crops!
When you break a crop, the items get put into your inventory, and the crop gets replanted.
You will see a message on your actionbar of how many crops you collected, and the XP you collected.
When you farm crops, it also goes towards the farming MCMMO skill!

Harvester Hoes can level up the more you use them.
The higher the level, the higher boost they have.
Each level gets a 0.1 boost.
You can buy this hoe in the /customshop, or win it from crates.

🔄 Trading System 🔄
Instead of meeting a player, dropping items, and risking them being removed, you can trade! 👏
To trade with someone, do /trade (player).
That will send the player an invite to trade with you.
If you receive a trade invite, you can click on 'Accept' or 'Deny' in chat.
You can also type /trade accept (player).

Once a trade has started, a GUI will be opened with your side and their side.
On top of each player's side will be a golden nugget.
You can click on the nugget to add 'coins', or money, to the trade. 💵
When both players are ready to trade, you can click on the red concrete to turn it green.
This will start the 3 second countdown.
If either player changes anything with the trade during the countdown, it will stop and have to be restarted.

🎁 MCMMO Credits 🎁
These credits can be redeemed and put towards a MCMMO skill!
Once you receive the credits, you can do /redeem to open a GUI.
Then, you can click on a skill and type in the amount of credits you want to add to that skill.

You can get the credits from various things:
Chat Races
Rank Kits

There are many more features, but you will have to hop on the server and see them for yourself!
This season of Survival will be very enjoyable!

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.
Have fun! 🤪

Server IP:

Last edited: about 1 month ago